This website is dedicated to provide information for some of the major attractions that Wentworth
has to offer, as well as other useful information that may be of general interest for visitors.

As the website title suggests, Wentworth is situated right at the point that the Murray and Darling
Rivers meet, then both sources of water continue down the Murray River and on into South Australia,
where the water eventually meets the sea near Goolwa.

The historic town of Wentworth, located in the South West of New South Wales, is also situated
in the Sunraysia region, about 40 kilometers west of Mildura, North West Victoria. Wentworth is
situated 1,075 km from Sydney, 585 km from Melbourne and 420 km from Adelaide.

The Wentworth climate is semi-temperate, and the temperature can be as high as 45°C in the peak
of summer to below freezing in winter. The summer average is 31°C and winter average is 16.7°C.

Although Wentworth has a small population of about 8,000 people, there is still a lot of things to see
and do for all types of visitors, from individuals to families or tour groups.